Binge Watch Israel - Israeli TV and Movies

Over the last few years, Israeli TV has come into its own. As a country, Israel may be physically small, but it has plenty of material for great TV: a diverse population, schism and tensions between groups, war, terrorism, and plenty of chutzpah. In Israel and around the world, viewers are binging on Israeli TV series that give them a peek into Israeli society’s most burning issues. These shows expose viewers to different sectors’ lifestyles and habits and challenge them to make sense of a nation riddled with conflict and complexity—all while enjoying high dramas and light comedies. These Israeli TV episodes and supporting materials offer unique perspectives into Israeli society and culture, allowing audiences to ponder the many versions of Israeliness. Please carefully watch and consider the episodes you’d like to use to make sure they are appropriate for your learners and your educational space. Links to TV series with English subtitles are included in each pod, along with an educational guide.