The Jews are Coming

The Jews Are Coming is a comedy sketch show that examines the history of the Jewish people from biblical times to the present.


The Jews are Coming

Four seasons (2014-2018) | 50 half-hour episodes

Available on YouTube (selected links below)

Grade Level: High School and up


This comedy sketch show opens with the following caveat: “The Jews Are Coming is a satirical program which contains satirical humorous content. No offense is intended. If anyone is offended by the content we apologize in advance.” Since Israeli satire is often crude, unapologetic, and does not shy away from smashing sacred cows or coveted myths, it is advisable to relax into it and enjoy the humor. There is a lot to be learned about Israeli society from these shorts.

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Some language and subject matters may not be appropriate for certain environments and ages.

Binding of Isaac

The Book of Esther