Eretz Nehederet

The Israeli equivalent of Saturday Night Live, Eretz Nehederet is known for its parodies of famous political and cultural leaders and for providing a satirical twist on the weekly news. It forces Israelis to take a good look in the mirror, to laugh, but also to think.


Eretz Nehederet  

17 seasons (2003-) | 10 one-hour episodes per season

Available on YouTube and Vimeo (selected links below)

Grade Level: High School and up


“Life here is very intense, more so than other places. And it requires stronger humor to achieve relief and deal with the stress of life. It follows that the Israeli stomach is less sensitive to satirical humor and the slaughtering of sacred cows,” says creator and executive director, Muli Segev. (Source: Los Angeles Times)


Taglit-Birthright Trip

Some language may not be appropriate for certain environments and ages.


This skit imagines a joint education program devised by the right-wing ultra-nationalist organization Im Tirtzu with the Ministry of Education that helps kindergarten children in Tel Aviv be prepared for the complicated life in Israel.