Resource Collection for Israel’s 75th Year of Independence

As Yom Ha’atzmaut approaches, let’s keep the challenging conversations going in our schools, sanctuaries, and communities. Even as we debate, even as we show solidarity or express concern, let’s take a moment to consider all there is to celebrate with this collection of resources specially crafted and refreshed for Israel’s 75th year of independence.


Enjoy a taste of 75 years of Israel’s independence with this playlist mixing new songs and old—everything from the Air Force musical troupe to Jimbo J and Full Trunk, with a bit of Pete Seeger thrown in for good measure. It’s an ideal soundtrack to any 75th celebration!

Almost all Hebrew words are built upon root letters called a shoresh (שׁוֹרֶשׁ), and are formed in such ways that small manipulations can create many different but related meanings.

Here are some of our favorites for celebrating Israel’s 75th Yom Ha’atzmaut!

Since January 2023, hundreds of thousands of Israelis have come out to protest the government’s controversial plan to overhaul the country’s judicial system.

Take a look at some of the signs and symbols of the ever-evolving protests and consider the influences the protests and their symbols might hold for us and our communities.

Explore the stories behind the unique treasures of the Matlow Collection—each offering a window into the story of Israel’s miraculous journey from concept to country.

In a time of great turmoil in Israel we invite you to explore or rediscover our timeless “Values in Tension” activity. It can help us better understand views that we do not share, and recognize the possibility of shared values, and the complexity of both sides—even when it may feel that there is little in common.

This Amazing Israel Race will take you from the beaches of Tel Aviv to the Four Quarters of Jerusalem, and across the 8,550 square miles of Israel.

And special for this year, a level of the race to “join in” the celebrations of Israel’s 75th anniversary of independence! 🇮🇱 🎇

Get to know these Israeli chefs and explore these simple-yet-delicious recipes that you can make to bring 75 years of Israeli stories, aromas, and flavors into your own kitchens!

Get your fingers on buzzers…for these competitive trivia quizzes!

In the spirit of this legacy, let’s see how much we know about Israel as we celebrate 75 years of accomplishments and challenges, innovation, culture, and technology.

With these Mad Libs®-style game sheets, Israel comes alive as participants get creative offering words that help shape hilarious stories about everything from Jerusalem and the Dead Sea to archaeological digs and a special new sheet to celebrate Israel’s 75th birthday!

There’s a saying in Hebrew—sibah l’mesibah, a reason for a party. As in: who needs a reason? It’s always time to celebrate!

And this year we have a great reason to celebrate—Israel’s 75th year of independence! Bring a selection of these classic Israeli birthday games and traditions to your celebrations!

Israel’s former president, Ruvi Rivlin, gave a famous speech in 2015 calling for the vastly different social, economic, and religious sectors of Israeli society to unite and integrate. He urged Israelis work together to create a better society for all—a difficult task and one essential for Israel’s future. Explore his call to action and what it means for us all.

Explore this collection of resources to commemorate Yom Hazikaron, Israel’s day of remembrance for fallen soldiers and victims of terror.


Check out these excellent resources from our partners to bring the stories, history, and primary sources into into your Israel at 75 activities!

Join our partners at Israel Story podcast for a three-part series exploring the big questions as Israel turns 75: where we came from, where we are, and where—oh where—we’re going. In order to answer those questions, we go back to the basics, and dissect the Declaration of Independence from every possible angle.


Israel 21c – Meet 48 Israelis Who Are Uniquely Shaping Israel and the World

To commemorate Israel’s 75th year of independence, the team at ISRAEL21c is excited to share “The 48,” a fascinating list of people from all walks of life who are making a difference in ways big and small, in Israel and globally. You may not know some of these names yet, but they are worth remembering!

Check out this outstanding collection of lessons and activities utilizing primary sources from Israeli history!