Israel Trivia: Are You Smarter Than DBG?

In David Ben-Gurion’s speeches and letters, he often included biblical quotes from the Tanach (which was always on his desk). As Israel’s first Prime Minister, he founded Chidon HaTanach (חידון התנ”ך), “Bible Quiz”, a worldwide competition for all ages. The final quiz is an annual televised event held in Jerusalem on Yom Ha’atzmaut.

In the spirit of this legacy, let’s see how much we know about Israel as we celebrate 75 years of accomplishments and challenges, innovation, culture, and technology. Fingers on buzzers… for these competitive trivia quizzes!


These challenges feature Israeli culture, geography, history, current events, and more! Be sure to try out the  “Israel at 75” quiz, created to celebrate Israel’s 75th year of independence!


These quizzes are set up as Kahoots (please see below for instructions). Each quiz may be taken individually, in small groups, or as one larger team.

Click the link for the quiz you wish to start (you will need to log in or create a free account). You may preview all questions and answers before playing.

  1. When ready, click Play in the left-hand column.
  2. Choose Classic if each player will have their own device (laptop, tablet, or phone). Choose Team Mode if they will be sharing devices.
  3. Wait for all players to join before clicking Start.

Your screen should be shared throughout the game, as it will display the questions.


  1. Many younger players have used Kahoot!—ask them for help.
  2. Watch this video tutorial.
  3. Contact The iCenter for technical support.


Our friends at Jewish Virtual Library offer an Israel Quiz

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