Israeli Birthday Games: Sibah L’mesibah

Everybody loves a party, whether it’s to celebrate a birthday or any other occasion. There’s a saying in Hebrew—sibah l’mesibah, a reason for a party. As in: who needs a reason? It’s always time to celebrate!

And this year we have a great reason to celebrate—Israel’s 76th year of independence! 76 years is a huge milestone in anyone’s life, and in the life of our “young” Jewish state, an accomplishment we can mark in fun and Israeli ways.


In the early days of Israel, parties tended to be simple, homegrown affairs, with games that parents could organize on their own. In a trend that can best be called retro, these old-fashioned birthday parties are all the rage today. Bring a selection of these games to your celebrations!

Celebrating Israel’s 76th with our learners is a fantastic opportunity to infuse Israeli spirit into our work and highlight so many things Israel has achieved in this relatively short amount of time.