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התרומה שלנו

Our Impact

Over a Decade of The iCenter

Discover The iCenter’s story and learn about our impact on Israel education.


האלף בית של חינוך לישראל

The Aleph Bet of Israel Education®

A set of core principles, approaches to content, and essential pedagogies that together constitute the building blocks for the field.

Israel as a Cornerstone of Jewish Identities
A Learner-Centered Approach
The Place of Israel in Jewish Tradition
Eretz, Medina, Am Yisrael: Navigating Multiple Landscapes
Curricularizing Israel: Principles and Themes
Modern Hebrew: Culture and Identity
Israeli Arts and Culture: The Ability to Engage
Creating Immersive and Integrative Israel Education
Diverse Narratives
The Israel Experience
Relating and Relationships
The Educator: The Power of Teaching, the Power of Learning



At the heart of our approach is The Aleph Bet of Israel Education®. The resources we curate and create are designed to be learner-centered, feature the diversity of voices in Israeli life, and draw on genuine Israeli culture. Our goal is to create multiple entry points for educators to engage learners in meaningful and dynamic relationships with Israel.