Conflicts of Interest

Gain confidence, core competencies, and content knowledge to engage in meaningful conflict education.
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Conflicts of Interest reimagines how to effectively engage with one of the most contentious topics today: the Arab-Israeli / Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Engaging with conflicts is one of life’s defining challenges—particularly for those tasked with transforming moments of uncertainty into moments of opportunity.

The challenges of the global Jewish community in how to teach and grapple with conflicts in general and the conflict in particular are greater than ever. The reverberations of October 7 continue to be felt not only throughout Israel, but also across governments, businesses, media, and college campuses, as well as Jewish organizations all over the world.

Without a foundational knowledge base and context for the complexities of the times we are in, engaging in any conversation can feel overwhelming. The Conflicts of Interest Certificate Program enables participants to gain confidence, core competencies, and content knowledge to bring meaningful conflict education to their settings and communities.


Conflicts of Interest draws from the best resources and pedagogies from leading organizations in the fields of conflict education, peace education, political education, civic education, and more. The learning is organized around a set of values and core pedagogic approaches, content areas, and historical/contemporary points of contention.


Develop facilitation skills, courage, and resilience to approach conflict in their work.

Explore multiple perspectives and narratives on the conflict through the examination of primary sources.

Engage with content through varied pedagogical modalities to meet the needs of diverse learners.

Apply diverse frames of understanding to the Arab-Israeli and Israeli-Palestinian conflicts.

Participate in conversations and respectful discourse around contemporary issues.

Gain practical tools for engaging learners with controversial topics.

Conflicts of Interest invites participants to engage through multiple lenses and with an open heart.


Opening Zoom Session

An introduction to our core values, philosophies, and pedagogies.

Two weeks prior to in-person experience

In-Person Experience

Three-day intensive learning in Chicago.

Dates below

Closing Zoom Session

An opportunity to reflect and synthesize learnings.

One week after the in-person experience

Individual Learning

Additional content and materials to help enrich the overall experience.

Leading up to and following sessions


August 2024

Opening Session: July 25 (on Zoom from 12-1:30pm CT)

In-Person Experience: August 4-6 (in Chicago)

Closing Session: August 15 (on Zoom from 12-1:30pm CT)

November 2024

Opening Session: October 30 (on Zoom from 12-1:30pm CT)

In-Person Experience: November 11-13 (in Chicago)

Closing Session: November 20 (on Zoom from 12-1:30pm CT)

January 2025

Opening Session: January 14 (on Zoom from 12-1:30pm CT)

In-Person Experience: January 26-28 (in Chicago)

Closing Session: February 4 (on Zoom from 12-1:30pm CT)

Thanks to the generosity of our funders, all costs associated with participation (flights, ground transportation in Chicago, hotel room, Kosher meals, etc.) are covered.

Upon completion of the Certificate Program,* participants will earn a Certificate in Conflict Education from The iCenter.

*Please note at this time, the Certificate Program is available only to applicants based in North America.


If you have questions or would like more information about Conflicts of Interest, please email Ari Feinstein.

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Conflicts of Interest is made possible by the generous support of the Jim Joseph Foundation,
Schusterman Family Philanthropies, and Crown Family Philanthropies.