Voices from Within: Poetry

Our newly-published anthology of Hebrew poetry is, at its core, a book about Israel. It tells the story of Israel through the presentation of a collection of poems from the early 1900s until today. While the story of Israel is at the core of this text, its subject is actually you. This book does not intend to talk about Israel, but rather enable Israel to converse with you.

This book is about conversations between you and people who shaped the State of Israel and reflected on its everyday life through language. The voices with whom you will engage represent a unique group of individuals who expressed strikingly personal and enduringly collective feelings, ideas, and insights.

We hope this book provides you with a meaningful way of talking with Israel and not about Israel. Its primary aim is to give you an understanding of the country’s many faces and voices; its personal howls and hallelujahs, and its collective sighs, smiles, and aspirations during this remarkable chapter in the history of human and Jewish life.


Excerpts are from Israel: Voices from Within anthology of Hebrew poetry.