Israeli Music Playlists

Music can capture a mood, express complex emotions, and make us feel like we are traveling in space and time. It’s an essential part of creating an immersive educational experience. We offer both general Israeli music playlists to fit different moods, as well as thematic ones designed to complement our educational resources by providing songs that relate to different themes that are being explored. We will continue to add playlists to this collection that are relevant for different holidays or times of the year. Use these songs for your own enrichment or to set the mood in your educational setting, or challenge yourself to create your custom collections of Israeli music!


Music has the power to calm, help heal, and give voice to emotions that can be difficult to express. Explore this selection of songs, old and new, curated for these uniquely challenging days. Find resources relevant for this difficult time here.

ISRAEL AT 75 | יום העצמאות

Experience songs spanning all 75 years of Israel’s independence—from the early army musical troupes to today’s Jimbo J, Full Trunk, and more. It’s an ideal soundtrack to any celebration! Diver deeper into the stories behind the songs here.


A mix of classic and contemporary Israeli children’s music heard in homes and pre-schools across Israel. Here are some of the many ways to bring music into your work with young children!


A collection of energetic and fun Israeli music that can be used to create a spontaneous dance party. With a unique blend of West and East, the Middle Eastern pulse will make you move.

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