Israeli Children’s Music

Music is an engaging and natural way to bring the sounds of Israel to our youngest learners. Played in the background, it helps to create an immersive environment for children. Brought to the foreground, it offers opportunities to learn songs and dances, engage with basic Hebrew words and phrases, and spark curiosity and joy.


This playlist offers a mixture of classic and contemporary Israeli children’s music. Some songs are upbeat while others are relaxing… all of them can be heard in pre-schools and homes of families with young children across Israel. Play this music and let your children or those you’re working with enjoy!

You can play the music directly from this page, or save the playlist to your own Spotify account to shuffle the songs (recommended).


Select Israeli children’s music to match the activity or time of day when you’ll play it. Calmer music sets the scene for naptime and upbeat songs can accompany more energetic activities.

Or keep it simple and use this playlist as background music during any time of the day to give everyone a taste of Israel.

Get creative and help children make their own instruments out of easily attainable objects. Try making shakers from a cup filled with dried beans, a drum from a cardboard box, or something else entirely — the possibilities are endless!

They can practice “playing” their instruments to a favorite song. You could even host a performance.



Some of the songs on the playlist have well-known motions that go along with them. Make an activity out of teaching a song and its movements. Here are a couple of links to videos that will show you exactly what you can do with these songs!:

La’kova Sheli (לכובע שלי), “My Hat Has,” is a silly song about a three-cornered hat, often sung around Purim.

Mi Sh’tov Lo v’Sameach (מי שטוב לו ושמח), is a Hebrew version of “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” The video has more than 36 million views; your kids will be joining lots of others in Israel and around the world as they celebrate their joy!

You can also help the kids make their own dance to a favorite song. Practice the song and dance and perform at a show for families or just use it as a fun activity.

It’s fun and simple to play freeze dance with a group using the Israeli Children’s Music Playlist. When the music plays, everyone dances along. When the music stops, everyone freezes in their last position until the music starts up again.

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