Mar 12, 2023 The Jerusalem Post

Once I, as an educator, understand who the student is, what their interests are and what their perspective is, then I can engage them in a meaningful experience.

Amid current tensions in Israel, both domestically and with neighbors, the job of an Israel educator has never been more difficult. How do we engage students in all aspects of Israel, while being true to ourselves?

While studying for my master’s degree in Jewish American studies at Haifa University, I wanted to grow my skills as an educator as well. I needed more practical tools that enabled me to connect with students in deeper ways. Haifa University is one of 14 universities in The iCenter’s Master’s Concentration in Israel Education, a program that helps educators become more knowledgeable and more skillful in their work.

Known as “iFellows,” program participants come from a range of workplace settings, and we engage students of all ages. Our common link is that we all view Israel education as a core component of our role as Jewish educators.