Public High School Hebrew

Our work with Public High School Hebrew teachers is born out of the understanding that Modern Hebrew forms a strong basis for a connection to Israel. By helping teachers and schools with creative curricular resources, hands-on professional development, and setting standards in foreign language instruction for Hebrew, we hope to encourage more students to take Hebrew in public schools and inspire deeper cultural literacy with Israel.

Our training for teachers involves work with some of the leading figures in Hebrew and foreign language education, giving Hebrew teachers access to expertise that equals or rivals their colleagues in other foreign languages. We link teachers to existing resources - such as online and multimedia teaching tools - and together create curricular resources for the next level of Hebrew education. We also participate in international workshops in Hebrew and foreign language instruction and are instrumental in the establishment of a national organization for teachers of Hebrew.


We are so proud to list the Modern Hebrew Language as another world language the Illinois Council for Teachers of Foreign Languages represents!
- Mary Slider, President of ICTFL
Meeting my Hebrew teacher colleagues to share ideas and inspire one another is so powerful. This professional development fulfills a crucial need for creating a supportive collaborative team.
- Michelle Sherman, Hebrew Teacher

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