Day Schools

The iCenter works with Jewish day schools to weave Israel throughout the fabric of the school–in its culture, physical space, in the classroom across disciplines and in out-of-the classroom learning, including Israel travel. Through iCenter Jewish Day School initiatives, schools are supported in aligning their mission and goals regarding Israel education throughout school life and supporting faculty, administration, and learners in building personal, enduring connections to Israel and the Israeli people. 

iNfuse: Israel in Jewish Day Schools

iNfuse is an 18-month initiative to support Jewish day schools in deepening and aligning Israel learning and engagement throughout the school, from the classroom to the playground, from the school's home city to Israel. This systemic integration enables learners, staff, and parents to build personal, enduring connections to Israel and its people. The ultimate goal of the initiative is for schools to emerge with robust and well-integrated Israel learning opportunities that are aligned with their vision and mission. iNfuse is funded through the generous support of the AVI CHAI Foundation.

iNfuse Schools Receive

  • Mentoring: Work closely with leaders in the field of Israel and Jewish education
  • Dramatically reduced rates for national convenings
  • Ongoing online professional learning: Tailored to the iNfuse cohort’s needs
  • Online Tools: Assist educators in articulating outcomes for Israel education, create a school-wide work plan, and implement learning experiences
  • Network of Colleagues: Share and learn from each other online, in-person, and across the cohort of schools
  • iCenter Resources and Staff: Access the newest high-quality resources and people with expertise in a wide spectrum of pedagogic and Israel content areas

iNfuse Schools Contribute

  • Airfare to the in-person kick-off (for at least two participants)
  • Salary of Israel coordinator (0.3 FTE/year for two years–can be a new or existing position)
  • Cost of special Israel programs and materials resulting from work (approximately $2,000 over duration of program)

To learn more about the initiative and talk through your school’s potential participation, contact Dr. Lesley Litman (