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Shark Tank is a hit ABC TV show that features a panel of five wealthy investors called “sharks” who consider offers from entrepreneurs seeking investors for their business. Based off of this hit TV show, this program gives participants the opportunity to champion an Israeli social cause. The entrepreneurs make pitches to the investors for their business or product to try to convince the wealthy investor to give them the funding they need to start their business idea. Teams will work together to choose a cause that they feel passionately about and compete through presentations for a “grand prize.”


Introduce the Shark Tank TV Show

Explain to the group that we are going to enter the Shark Tank. Each group is going to be the entrepreneurs championing a cause, while the other teams will be the wealthy investors.

Split participants into small groups and ask each group to select an Israeli cause to create a pitch for—you may download the Israeli Causes Booklet (see right-hand column) which contains descriptions of each organization and pictures to give a visual of each cause. You can also research your own organizations to include.

Each group will create a campaign for why the cause they chose is so important and why they need the $10,000 grand prize. Presentations may consist of a visual sign and a 1-2 minute pitch or skit.


1. Why is your cause innovative?

2. How is it creating widespread change?

3. Why is it urgent to support this cause


At the end of the program, have participants reflect on the activity. Here are a few open-ended discussion questions to get the conversation started:


1. What did you enjoy about this activity?

2. What is something you learned through this program?

3. How might this activity relate to your own lives?

4. What is something you are taking with you from this program?


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