The Abraham Accords

The Abraham Accords—brokered by the US in the summer of 2020—represent a major step toward making Israel’s long-held dream of being accepted in the world, and specifically in the Middle East, a reality. Israel’s Declaration of Independence includes a call to neighboring countries to establish “bonds of cooperation and mutual help” with Israel. Finally, more than seven decades later, this call is bearing fruit.

By normalizing ties and establishing full diplomatic, cultural, and economic relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Morocco, the Accords enhanced the Jewish state’s sense of belonging in the region. Now, two years later, hundreds of thousands of Israelis have traveled to the Gulf States and Morocco as tourists, Jewish life is thriving there, and we’re hearing frequent reports of joint ventures between companies in Israel and its new partners. When President Biden visited the region in July 2022, many Israelis hoped he would announce normalization with Saudi Arabia, but that did not happen. While hopes that more countries will join the Accords are yet to be fulfilled, there is a clear sense that Israel is marching toward regional integration—and the excitement at this feeling of belonging is palpable when you speak with Israelis.

This short video offers an entry point for us to think about the significance of truly belonging—on a national level as well as a personal level—and can spark conversations about our hopes for peace and collaboration.

  • How would you describe the feeling of belonging—to your family, friends, or in another setting?
  • Do you feel a sense of belonging when you think about Israel?
  • How do you relate to Israel’s quest to “belong” in the Middle East? Do you think Israel ever will truly “belong” in the region?
  • How can you help others feel that they belong?


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