SpaceIL: The Soundtrack


Music is a powerful educational tool. It provides opportunities for “reflection on the heart of the people and the pulse of society; [music] brings to the surface themes and ideas that may not find expression in other ways.” (The Aleph Bet of Israel Education) Launch your own Yom Chalal (יוֹם חָלָל), Space Day, with these music playlists, created to celebrate Israel being the 4th country in the world to reach the moon with SpaceIL!


Whether these songs serve as the focal point, or integrated in to the environment during other SpaceIL activities, enjoy these curated Moon Party playlists for free. The music may be played through this page, or save either playlist in your own account through the Spotify application, You may create a Spotify account for free! Feel free to contact us with any questions or technical issues (or ask any kid…they know).


1. Translate Hebrew song titles and lyrics to learn new words!

2. Why do you think each song was included?

3. Which feelings does each song convey?

4. What’s the meaning behind the lyrics?

5. What would your Moon Party playlist look like? Let us know!