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Shir HaShanah שִׁיר הַשָּׁנָה

In Israel, ushering in the Jewish New Year holds great religious significance for some, and secular or cultural associations for others. This is arguably most present in the immediate lead up to Rosh Hashanah, when Israel counts down to the Song of the Year. As in North America, the anticipation over who will be #1 is huge!

Galgalatz, Israel's most popular radio station, holds the annual Song of the Year contest, together with the Walla! news site. Thousands of listeners vote annually to determine the winner.

2019 (5779)

What a journey 5779 turned out to be! And a perfect name for 5779's Song of the Year. Masa (מסע) by Eliad held the #3 spot for most of the summer, and was voted #1 by Galgalatz listeners.

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2018 (5778)

Closing out 5778 at number one is ‘נצ'י נצ (Nechi Nech) with כל הזמן הזה (All this time). This song about a breakup is told from the perspective of the girlfriend—and doesn't go easy on him 

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The runner up song of 5778 has us thinking. Hanan Ben Ari released a song and video titled “Wikipedia,” in which this rising star speaks his mind openly, satirically, and with depth.

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2017 (5777)

In 2017, the Song of the Year closing out 5777 was Eden Ben Zaken’s אף אחד (Af Echad, “No One”). In 2018, this song still ranked high, at number eight!

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For Israel’s first season of The X Factor, this 18-year-old from Kiryat Shemona native went viral with her very first audition, singing Christina Aguilera's Hurt. Combining Mizrachi music with soul, pop, and R&B, Ben Zaken placed second in the hit TV show.


Right behind Ben Zaken in the 5777 Song of the Year countdown, at number two, was the duo Static and Ben El Tavori with their international hit טודו בום (Toodoo bom, “It’s okay” in Portuguese). In 2018, it dipped slightly to number three.

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Check out the annual Galgalatz-Walla! coverage in Hebrew  or in English.

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