On The Map

Knowledge and appreciation of historic and current events and their complexity are important aspects of understanding and engaging with Israel. Maps are among the most effective visual tools for introducing the history and complex reality of ancient and modern Israel, its land, and its people. We embarked on this project to address a challenge. We were hearing important questions from Jewish educators: “Do you have a good map I can use?” and “Which map should we be using in my class?”

In partnership with Jewish LearningWorks, this guide is designed to make enduring change regarding how Israel is taught to middle and high school students. The curriculum materials are organized thematically around seven units with accompanying materials.


“There are many ways to look at Israel; small as it is on a globe, there are diverse Israels. Even a simple thing like a map of Israel lends to differing perspectives that reflect deep values. Therefore, every Israel curriculum is partial, in both senses of the word: it reflects the biases and perspectives of the authors, and tells only part of the mosaiclike, often conflicting narratives. This complexity makes curricularizing Israel one of the most challenging (yet exciting) of Jewish educational tasks!”