No Daylight: A Podcast


Eleven minutes is the time it took US President Harry Truman to recognize the State of Israel. The first country in the world. Not many Israelis know this, yet this close and ongoing relationship is an important part of life in both countries. 

Since October 7, that relationship has become closer while also being severely challenged.

We see the scenes from campuses, and at the same time, the US Congress votes to support Israel. 

Rachel Azaria, a social change entrepreneur, former Jerusalem deputy mayor, and member of the Israeli parliament has created a new podcast to try to understand what is happening to this relationship between the American Jewish community and Israel. 

In this first episode, Rachel speaks with diplomat and Israeli politician Michael Oren, and scholar and former Israeli politician Dr. Einat Wilf.

The podcast is an initiative of the Israel Democratic Renewal Movement.

A note from the No Daylight Podcast: The first episodes of No Daylight are possible thanks to the Leichtag Foundation. If you find value in the thought-provoking discussions and insights we bring to the table, we humbly ask you to consider supporting our efforts by making a donation. Your contribution, no matter how small, helps us continue tackling complex topics and fostering meaningful conversations.

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