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One of the best ways to learn Hebrew is to become immersed in the language and to engage with the vocabulary in daily life. Hebrew labels and stickers are a fun way to interact with Hebrew words and phrases, and the repetition of reading them ensures you’ll soon never forget their meanings!

Due to the success of Eliezer Ben Yehuda’s work revitalizing the Hebrew language, and the continued evolution of modern Hebrew in Israel today, there are seemingly endless objects in our environment with unique Hebrew names. Whether in your home, school, synagogue, or while celebrating the Jewish fall holidays, these collections provide a starting point to begin integrating Hebrew into your daily vocabulary.

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Whether in the hallway or the reading corner, there’s an opportunity for learning some new Hebrew terms.

Download 3 different size options:

HOME | בית | BAYIT

What better place to start learning Hebrew than in the home? The items we use every day have some of the most fun and entertaining Hebrew names.

Download 3 different size options:


Searching for Hebrew words or greetings connected to the High Holidays and Sukkot? Hope these help them stick!

Download 3 different size options:


Welcome to the synagogue, a place where prayer occurs in line with the seasons as they take place in Israel. Here you can find the words for the actual seasons along with common physical objects found in the synagogue year round.

Download 3 different size options:


Add Hebrew to the atmosphere by labeling your space! The different printable sizes allow putting a name on things that are big and small. Send them home for families to use and encourage using the individual size stickers on water bottles, notebooks, and more.

Incorporate the Hebrew words placed around your space into your daily vocabulary until they become a natural part of it. One fun method to learn new words is to introduce the Hebrew word, follow with a loud clap, say the English meaning, follow with another loud clap, and then repeat the Hebrew word. Everyone can participate in saying the words and get excited to learn them!

Start by saying “I spy with my little eye” and then name something in the space that is labeled. The goal would be to reach the object or raise their hand first and name the object correctly. This can be played from Hebrew to English or English to Hebrew and is great for younger ages!

Make a list of the words in English and go on a scavenger hunt around the room, home, or synagogue for their Hebrew equivalents. Make it competitive, a team activity, or just for fun!

Cut out the Hebrew words and put them into a BINGO sheet. Create an extra set for the group to pick from and then play any or all versions of BINGO—in a straight line, diagonally, black out, and more. The repetition of creating the boards together and then playing both can help in becoming familiar with the words.

Once the words have become familiar, go one step further and learn how to spell them in Hebrew. Try learning and spelling them through playing word games like: a spelling bee; “hangman”—or a better version—creating a Star of David; or making a word search using an online word search generator. They can even be traced or incorporated into art projects.

Give everyone a random word or phrase and have them tell a line of a made up story including that word. The person next to them adds onto the story using a different word until everyone has contributed to the story.

תחנות יסוד קשורות בתחום החינוך לישראל

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