Educating in a Time of Crisis | FAQ

Navigating the complexities of the aftermath of the October 7 attacks can be challenging, especially in light of the fact that nobody can master all aspects of the ever-changing situation. The iCenter has created a collection of FAQs that address some of the foundational questions that can help educators guide their learners to a deeper understanding of the situation. Use them as background for yourself or as a handout to share with others—and if you wish to suggest a topic for a future FAQ, reach out to us here!


Artwork by Masha Yurovski

Information to help unpack the complexities behind calls for—or against—a ceasefire.

Download FAQ: Ceasefire

What is the definition of “genocide”? How is the term used—or misused—in relation to Israel and Gaza?

Download FAQ: The Charge of Genocide

About 20% of Israel’s citizens are Arabs. Here is some basic information about them.

Download FAQ: Arab Citizens of Israel

There are millions of Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza, and beyond. Here are some key things to know about them.

Download FAQ: Who Are the Palestinians

This FAQ provides background information on Hezbollah and the relationship between Israel, Hezbollah, and Lebanon.

Download FAQ: Israel’s Northern Border

This iCenter FAQ offers background and context to help you navigate issues related to Israel’s response to the current hostage crisis.

Download FAQ: Israeli Hostages

This FAQ provides educators and learners with background information to deepen their understanding of Gaza and the surrounding areas.

Download FAQ: Gaza and Israel

תחנות יסוד קשורות בתחום החינוך לישראל

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