Authentic Voices

At a time when we tend to consume news that is packaged, filtered, sometimes theoretical, or even hypothetical, we should take a step back. One thing that we really need, and what our learners need, is to hear authentic voices, the words and experiences of those on the ground.

The iCenter is compiling interviews, conversations, and stories that bring forth the voices of different sectors of Israeli society, their experiences, their struggles, and their hopes during this immensely difficult and pivotal moment.

Artwork by Or Yogev

Following the horrors of October 7, stories have begun to emerge of the heroism of everyday Israelis during the day itself and in the weeks following. Explore this selection of powerful stories of everyday Israelis stepping up to support people in their communities and across Israel in this time of crisis.

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Artwork by Mor Zohar

The rhythms of life for all Israelis were drastically changed following the shock of the October 7 attacks. Listen to Israelis of different backgrounds share how their lives have been altered—in ways big and small—as a result of the war.

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Artwork by Eliya Golan

The unfathomable number of victims of the October 7 attacks can be hard to comprehend. This selection of stories provides a look into the people whose lives were cut short. We encourage you to explore them and reflect on how the stories and their themes can be introduced to your learners.

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Artwork by Hannah Heifetz

During the attacks of October 7, Hamas and other terrorist groups abducted an estimated 240 Israelis and foreign nationals. In the months since some of these hostages have been released while some have been declared dead. We encourage you to explore these stories of those still waiting to come home, and reflect on how the stories and their themes can be introduced to your learners.

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