iCON is the largest gathering of Israel educators in North America, where you’re invited to encounter new people and ideas. iCON is a celebration of our shared commitment to education, an experience that empowers us to impact lives and build a bright future.

At iCON 2023, over 600 of us gathered together in Chicago for three days in March to learn from and connect with each other. To see the amazing growth and commitment to the field of Israel education—to see you—is something we will hold dear and cherish until we meet again. 

iCON 2025, anyone?!

A heartfelt todah to all of our featured guests, our board, our funders, our sponsors, and everyone who helped make the experience one to remember.

In the meantime, we have the memories. 


Initiative is made possible by the generous support of The AVI CHAI Foundation.

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