Cool Israeli Stuff

  1. Crash Test World: Four short videos for kids you can watch together, highlighting different aspects of Israel, with discussion questions
  2. Visit Tel Aviv: Cut & Fold City Transport Booklet: This downloadable PDF of Tel Aviv’s transport icons is dedicated to all those who miss their metropolis, young and old. Made up of seven cut & fold models, you can download and print at home for free.
  3. Israel Story’s Mixtape Podcast and Companion Pieces: A 4-part guide to accompany the Israel Story podcast, exploring the songs that share the story of Israel
    1. Podcast and Companion Guide
    2. Live video of Israel Story’s performance
  4. Who Wants to Go to the Moon? Videos and activities created with SpaceIL to inspire the next generation around STEM.

Activities from Home

  1. Golda’s Kitchen Cabinet: Families or kids can create their own cooking show!
  2. Piven Workshop: Explore our own personal connections to Israel through art projects. Includes an introductory Video from Hanoch Piven.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

  1. Lights, Camera, Action! Host your own viewing party! Free, streaming Israeli short films you can watch together with English subtitles and questions
    1. Jerusalem Tale (4th grade and up)
    2. The Kiddush Man (4th grade and up)
    3. Gefilte Fish (4th grade and up)
    4. Strangers (4th grade and up)
    5. The Other Side (5th grade and up)
  2. The Man Who Taught Me to Fly: Explore one person’s passion, and learn about bird migration in Israel (including a 360° VR video).


  1. Modern Hebrew Slang: Modern Hebrew slang is an expression of culture, history, and identities — and can be fun!
  2. Hebrew Mood Posters: An opporunity to learn new words, hear how the participants are feeling, and engage.
  3. Streetwise Hebrew and Other IsraelEd Podcasts: We asked Israel educators throughout North America which podcasts they enjoy. Streetwise Hebrew discusses Modern Hebrew language gems.

Supporting Materials

  1. Poster Tales: Each year, Israeli artists submit their designs to be featured as Israel's Independence Day image. Explore seven decades...and make your own poster!
  2. Israel Resource Cards and Activities: This deck of cards uses a holistic approach to showcase many aspects of the people, places, sites, events, and cultures of Israel.
  3. Israeli Music Playlists: Celebrate Israel’s history through song!
  4. Collection of Resources from our Partners at Jewish Education Project: Google Doc or Pinterest
  5. IsraelLink: A digitally-interactive, experiential, on-line middle-school Israel curriculum