Why Art?


What Do We Need?

  • Every day objects that you don't need anymore: old toys, CDs, broken glass frames, string, hair bands...anything!
  • Cardboard or foamcore as your canvas. (at least 11x17 in size works well)
  • Colored construction paper
  • Hot glue gun (or other multi-purpose glue)

Hands-On Activities

Ready? Let's create!

Act 1

From the objects you've collected, select two objects:

  • Object #1 represents a strength or value of yours, something you are proud of
  • Object #2 represents something in your home or family that inspires you, that gives you comfort

Once done selecting, gather together and share why you chose those objects.

Act 2

As a family, create an image with objects that describes what your home is made of. Have fun!



To add your creation to our Piven gallery, take a photo directly above the art, and either:

>> Email your photo to piven@theicenter.org, or
>> Share on Facebook or Instagram using #IsraelEd and #ConnectWithIsrael