Israelis on Israeli Elections

Questions to Consider

  1. What issues are raised by people in the video? Did any of these topics surprise you or make you want to learn more about the issue?
  2. Which people in the video did you empathize with? Who most surprised you? And who did you disagree with?
  3. How are the issues that were raised similar to or different from issues North American voters might raise?
  4. Is it important for North Americans to pay attention to Israeli elections? Why or why not?
  5. Now that you have explored the issues, are you more likely to follow the results in Israel’s election?
  6. Are elections something that are discussed in your home (for example, the upcoming U.S. election in 2020)?
  7. What issues are important to you? When you vote for any kind of leader (school elections, national elections, etc.), what are some of the criteria that inform who you support?

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