Preserving Stories

To date, over 500,000 people have participated in Zikaron BaSalon. As the number of living Holocaust survivors dwindles, these opportunities to preserve their memories and stories are more important than ever.

The event consists of three parts: testimonyexpression, and an open discussion. The information below is from our partners at Zikaron Basalon. For more information and materials, visit


As long as we have Holocaust survivors who want to share their experiences, we want to hear them. Therefore, we encourage hosts to invite survivors to tell their stories via Zoom. This year, our most important commitment is to protect the health of the Holocaust survivors, as they are the most vulnerable. Thus, Zikaron BaSalon is going to proceed without live testimonials from our survivors.

Because the generation of survivors is fading, we offer the use of recorded or written testimonies. We also invite you to hear second-generation survivor experiences, as well as lectures from experts and academics.

Written Testimonies:


Zikaron BaSalon meets the many different needs of diverse audiences. In order to move from the testimony to the discussion harmoniously, a transitional stage is necessary to decompress and create a safe, open space for meaningful discussions.

This is done through music and/or the reading of poems and literature, empowering individuals to share their feelings through an artistic lens. This creates the readiness and mutual respect needed to begin an optimal discussion.

Inspirational texts that can be read or distributed to participants:

Open Discussion

The Holocaust is much more than an historical event. Even today, its ramifications can be felt in many aspects of our world. Each conversation relating to the Holocaust is unique, fascinating, and often emotional.

The discussion will be led by the host or by someone they have chosen to lead on their behalf. There is no doubt that leading a discussion can be challenging, so we have prepared kits for you containing diverse content and a discussion guide.  

Like any conversation, it is important to maintain a fruitful discussion in an amiable atmosphere and discourage side conversations or off-topic discussions. We recommend that you simulate the conversation you would like to facilitate and try to anticipate the direction in which the conversation will evolve. This will help you to prepare questions that are relevant to the participants. Tips for effective facilitation can be found in the host kit.

Ideas for Themed Salons

Every Zikaron BaSalon is different, and no one has a monopoly on how we should commemorate the Holocaust. We invite you as hosts to create your Salon as you see fit, according to your interests, ideas, and your guests. We also have a few options for themed Salons which we invite you to use to plan your event.