Take Israel to the Moon

Between Israel's attempt to land the smallest spacecraft on the Moon and the story of famous Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon, participants now have the opportunity to "take Israel to the Moon" while exploring the elements that make up their Jewish identities and relationships with Israel in the context of space exploration.

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Israel in Space

Using the art and methodology of popular Israeli artist Hanoch Piven, we can explore Israel's culture, values, and history, as well as our own personal connections to Israel. On the occasion of SpaceIL's historic mission to the Moon, Piven created a portrait of Israel's first and only astronaut, Col. Ilan Ramon, a member of the team aboard Space Shuttle Columbia that went into orbit in 2003. Tragically, Ramon was killed, along with the other six members of the Columbia crew, when the Space Shuttle exploded upon re-entry.

Through this portrait, we explore both Ramon's relationship to Judaism and Israel, as well as Israel's relationship to space exploration.

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Ways to Use SpaceIL Resources

SpaceIL is a natural fit for a variety of different areas of camp. The following ideas are meant to be a launch pad for your creativity for infusing the messages and excitement around SpaceIL campwide.

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People Who Inspire: A Light Unto the Nations

Israel's annual Yom Ha'atzmaut – Independence Day – celebrations are launched with a ceremony that highlights individuals who continue to build up the State of Israel and inspire others to do so. "The Israeli Spirit" was the theme for the celebration of Israel's 71st anniversary. Each year, a diverse group of people representing a variety of fields are chosen to light one of the 12 torches (representing the 12 Tribes of Israel). Each torch lighter introduces themselves and closes with the words "U'le'tiferet Medinat Yisrael" – "To the glory of the State of Israel." Among thsoe honored as torchlighters this year: the co-founder of SpaceIL and the lead philanthropist who provided funding to drive the effort.

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SpaceIL Posters

Turn any space around camp into a place where campers can learn about Israel's race to the Moon – and dream their own big dreams! Hang the posters featuring Ilan Ramon, SpaceIL, and details about the planets and the Moon in prominent areas around camp.

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Moon Playlists

Whether these songs serve as the focal point, or integrated in to the environment during other SpaceIL activities, enjoy these curated Moon Party playlists for free. The music may be played through this page, or save either playlist in your own account through the Spotify application, You may create a Spotify account for free! Please contact us with any questions or technical issues (or ask any kid...they know).




  • (Translate Hebrew song titles and lyrics to learn new words!)
  • Why do you think each song was included?
  • Which feelings does each song convey?
  • What's the meaning behind the lyrics?
  • What would your Moon Party playlist look like? (let us know)