1. 'Israel is Going Back to the Moon,' Announces SpaceIL Co-Founder (Calcaltech) - 12.9.20
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  3. India’s and Israel’s Moon-Landing Attempts Both Failed During Descent — Here’s Why the ’15 Minutes of Terror’ are So Difficult (Business Insider) - 9.13.19
  4. Thousands of 'water bears' crash land on moon. They're practically indestructible (USA Today) - 8.8.19
  5. ‘Beresheet 2’ won’t attempt moon landing, SpaceIL searches for new challenge (Jewish News Syndicate) - 6.26.19
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  9. Incredibly Tough NASA Sensor may have Survived Moon Lander Crash (Futurism) - 4.17.19
  10. Investigation of Israeli Lunar Lander’s Crash Points to Human Factor (Yahoo News) - 4.17.19
  11. There may be a copy of Wikipedia somewhere on the moon. Here's how to help find it. (Mashable) - 4.16.19
  12. Beresheet Funder and Initiator Tapped to Light Torch on Independence Day (Jerusalem Post) - 4.15.19


  1. Israeli spacecraft successfully 'captured' by the moon (Arutz Sheva) - 4.4.19
  2. Watch live: Israel’s Beresheet lander heads for make-or-break maneuver to enter lunar orbit (Spaceflight Now) - 4.3.19
  3. X Prize Foundation offers “Moonshot Award” to SpaceIL (Space News) - 3.28.19
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  6. Landing Site Selection (Weizmann Institute)
  7. Lunar Landing Site Revealed (more info on the magnetometer) (Weizmann Institute) - 3.18.19
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  9. Setback for Israeli lunar lander as computer glitch prevents scheduled maneuver (Times of Israel) - 2.26.19
  10. תקלה במחשב: התמרון השני של החללית לירח - נדחה (in Hebrew, YNet News) - 2.26.19
  11. Israel’s Moon-bound Spaceship Beresheet Successfully Completes First Maneuver (Haaretz) - 2.25.19
  12. התמרון עבד, נותרה הבעיה בעוקב הכוכבים (in Hebrew, YNet News) - 2.25.19


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Video / TV Clips

  1. "Return to the Moon: Seconds to Arrival" (Discovery Channel)
    (Clip - full episode available with subscription)


  2. Beresheet Entering Lunar Orbit (SpaceIL / YNet)

  3. "The goal is to show that Israel can do it" (Arutz Sheva) - 3.27.19

  4. Israeli Moon Lander Captures Sunrise and Stretches Its Legs on Lunar Trip - 3.24.19 

  5. Launch Compilation

  6. The Israelis who dream of going to the moon - and nothing will stop them (in Hebrew) (Mako / Keshet)


  1. The Triumph of a Failed Moon Landing (Planetary Society) - 4.17.19
    with Yoav Landsman (Beresheet Deputy Mission Director, SpaceIL) and Morris Kahn (Chairman, SpaceIL)
  2. NPR Morning Edition "Israel Heads to the Moon" (2.18.2019)
  3. Rejuvenation: 'Little Spacecraft' Wants to Motivate Israeli Youth Around Space (The Land of Israel)