Israeli Birthday Parties

Every day can feel like a party. This package offers ideas about ways to infuse Israeli spirit into your celebrations – whether the occasion is a birthday party, a Yom Ha'atzmaut extravaganza, or any other sibah l'mesibah.

Israeli birthday parties are always lively affairs. Many families bring entertainers or take children to attractions, just like they do in North America, but lots of traditions and games still figure prominently in children's celebrations. Bring some Israeli traditions to your celebrations – everyone will love the results!

Download Israeli Birthday Parties (PDF)

Mis'chakei Yom Huledet (Birthday Games)

In the early days of Israel, parties tended to be simple, homegrown affairs, with games that parents could organize on their own. In a trend that can best be called retro, these old-fashioned birthday parties are all the rage today. Bring a selection of these games to your celebrations!

Download Mis'chakei Yom Huledet (PDF)

Israel's Birthday

On May 14th, 1948, the State of Israel declared its independence, marking the first time in nearly 2,000 years that Jews had a sovereign independent homeland to call their own. While very few of us may remember a world without Israel, let's not take it for granted. Here are some ideas for celebrating Israel's Independence Day. You can use them for an exciting special program or spread them throughout the year.

Download Israel's Birthday (PDF)