Israel exists in our everyday lives in ways that are unique and personal to each of us. The iCenter asked people to share these stories and connections over Facebook and Twitter. Through these photos and captions, we discovered the stories of over 130 people, places, families, and objects that connect people with Israel.


Conversation Starters

To be used before introducing the photo collection. 

1. Go around the room and ask participants to "Show A Way" Israel is in their life. Have each person say what image and caption they would share.

2. Take 15 minutes to actually have participants snap a photo (with their phones or cameras) with a way Israel is in their life. Go around the room and have each participant share their image and story.

3. Have each person answer how a certain Jewish or historical figure might answer the question: i.e. What would Herzl snap a photo of, and what would it say?

4. Have participants answer based on what someone else might say: i.e. What would a family member say you would take a picture of?

Using the photo collection before viewing the photos

  • There were over 130 images collected. What kinds of photos and captions do you think people shared?
  • Which themes/types of images do you envision being prevalent? Which themes/images would you be surprised to see? Not surprised?

Diving into Specifics

Below are some examples of ways to use specific images in your educational setting. (Click on each image for an expanded view)

Obvious Comparisons

How do these two images and captions compare? How do Natalie and Ben choose to depict this same message differently? What do these images say about them as individuals? What are each of their stories?

Less Obvious Comparisons

How are these pictures and captions connected to each other? Do you notice any themes that link these two? What do you think are the stories these people were trying to tell?

Captions Only

Display only the captions of photographs. What images do you think are linked to these captions? Why do you think that? After viewing the photos: What are your reactions to the actual picture that was used? What surprised you about the images actually used?

Photos Only

What stories are being told through these photographs? If you were to give these photographs a caption, what would the caption say and why? What can you learn about the people who shared these photographs? (Click on the actual photos to reveal.)

Multiple Photo Story

Choose multiple images and create a timeline using the images only (no captions) to assemble a story for someone. It could be a story about anything, but must use multiple images. Think comic book style - participants may then write in their own captions to construct an entire narrative.

For discussion after viewing the photo collection. The complete album of photographs is here.

  • Do these photos match your initial thoughts of ways in which Israel is in people’s lives? How were they similar/different?
  • What types of images or themes seem to be popular?
  • Which photographs do you connect with and why?
  • What are 5 pictures that you would use to answer the question of “Show us a way Israel is in your life”? Now narrow it down: 3, then 2, then 1. Describe the process of narrowing your photos down.