Resources You Can Use Now (AND in the Future)

These materials can easily be adapted for use at home. Each piece can engage, entertain, and educate varying ages in diverse frameworks.

Crash Test World Four short videos for kids you can watch together, highlighting different aspects of Israel, with discussion questions
Hebrew Mood Posters An opportunity to learn new words, hear how the participants are feeling, and engage
Israeli Music Playlists Educators are playing this as online participants are waiting, to learn Hebrew words, etc.
Who Wants to Go to the Moon? Videos and activities created with SpaceIL to inspire the next generation around STEM.
Lights, Camera, Action! Free, streaming Israeli short films you can watch together with English subtitles and questions
20-Second Handwashing...In Hebrew! (downloadable PDF) Review Hebrew numbers while also washing your hands for the recommended length of time!
Visit Tel Aviv: Cut & Fold City Transport Booklet (downloadable PDF) This booklet of Tel Aviv’s transport icons is dedicated to all those who miss their metropolis, young and old. Made up of seven cut & fold models, you can download and print at home for free.
Binge Watch Israel A comprehensive viewing guide to various Israeli TV shows streaming in North America (in Hebrew with English subtitles)
Jewish Lens An exploration of identity, values, and peoplehood through photography
Jewish Lens: Marking Sacred Time Understanding history through photographs
Mixtape Companion A 4-part guide to accompany the Israel Story podcast, exploring the songs that share the story of Israel
Israel Resource Cards and Activities This newest iteration of our widely-popular Israel Resource Cards uses a holistic approach to showcase many aspects of the people, places, sites, events, and cultures of Israel.
Modern Hebrew Slang Modern Hebrew slang is an expression of culture, history, and identities — and can be fun!
Golda's Kitchen Cabinet Golda’s Kitchen Cabinet helps bring the flavor of Israel to you — quite literally — through creative cooking programs highlighting an array of popular dishes and activities.
IsraelEd Podcasts We asked Israel educators throughout North America which podcasts they enjoy.
Here are some additional resources for more in-depth exploration:
For the Sake of Justice This series of modules seeks to help participants understand that Israel’s identity as a Jewish and democratic state gives rise to complex realities in the social, civil, political, and religious spheres.
Values in Tension When we disagree with others, we may assume that we do not have shared values. This activity illustrates that we often do share values and our differences lie in the way we prioritize them.
Maps as Narratives This series introduces learners to the concept of map as “story-teller” and provides them with tools to analyze and choose maps of Israel that reflect perspectives they wish to convey and that, hopefully, reflect their relationship with Israel.
We think you'll appreciate these resources as well, created by various partners. Please share with us what you've created or curated!
Virtual Tour of President Ruvi Rivlin's Residence Since 2016, tens of thousands of people have visited the President's residence. Now President Rivlin is inviting you to join him for a three-part virtual tour! 
Virtual Pizzazz for Teachers Series A series of quick (and free) videos for teachers and instructors, sharing best practices on how to make the classroom come alive online.
Beit Hatfutsot Family Activities from Home Meaningful, easy activities for students, families, and larger communities. Videos, interactive downloadable materials, tours, and more.
A Rest Stop for Half a Billion Birds (360° VR) During their migration between Europe and Africa, hundreds of millions of birds stop in Israel to rest and refuel. Supports The Man Who Taught Me To Fly resource.
IAC Keshet Online Daily interactive online activities filled with Israeli culture, Jewish Heritage, Hebrew language and a strong connection to Israel
Wash Your Lyrics Generate hand washing infographics based on your favorite song lyrics (even through Hebrew songs!) (See our example using Shevet Achim Vaachayot)
Kan Children’s Programming on YouTube in Hebrew, no subtitles
Science at Home Experiments for the group or for families, from the Davidson Institute, in English
Online STEM Courses From the Davidson Institute, in English
Ride the Gondola up Masada (360° VR) We've received many inquiries about virtual tours of Israel. Continue your virtual trip to Israel by ascending the ancient fortress of Masada.
One Day in Tel Aviv (360° VR) Discover the sights, sounds, and people of the vibrant "White City". From the beaches to the neighborhood cafes, soak up the atmosphere of Tel Aviv!

With Contributions from A Principal's Reflection

  • Virtual Pizzazz for Teachers Series: A series of quick (and free) videos for teachers and instructors, sharing best practices on how to make the classroom come alive online
  • BrainPop: Educational videos (premium access is now free during coronavirus)
  • Jeopardy Labs: Create your own Jeopardy game for engaging group interaction online
  • Lino: An online web sticky note service that can be used to post memos, to-do lists, ideas, and photos anywhere on an online web canvas that is similar to Padlet
  • Wordle: Collaborative word clouds
  • Kahoot: A fan favorite of educators around the world. It is a free game-based learning platform that not only gives everyone a voice but also provides a fun way to do it.
  • Yo Teach!: Create your own room where people can respond to a question or reflect in 140 characters. This is a great tool to use for a backchannel.
  • AnswerGarden: My new favorite tool! Use it for real-time audience participation, online brainstorming, and classroom feedback.  Responses can only be 20 or 40 characters.
  • Mentimeter: Move over Poll Everywhere. Mentimeter is a great tool that allows you to poll your audience in a variety of ways. You can even create a presentation that has multiple polls.
  • Padlet: A long time favorite of mine, which allows participants to respond using virtual Post-It notes. The beauty of this tool is that within each board responses can be text, video, images, or attached documents.
  • FlipGrid: Create grids of questions or topics using text or video and share your questions with whomever you like. Your audience then responds with recorded videos.
  • Artsteps: Create, share, and embed your personal virtual reality spaces and stories.

(please check back soon as we add to this list)


Should you find yourself needing support:

1. Ask the younger participants — many of them know!

2. We are also happy to try and help – contact us for limited technical support.