This tourism video was released just a few years after the establishment of the State of Israel.  In many ways, this film introduced Israel to the world.

(From the collection of the Israel Ministry of Tourism Films)


  • What story of Israel is being told?  Why do you think the writers and producers used this specific story and its particular elements (music, narration, style, etc)?
  • Who is the target audience of this video?  What led you to this conclusion?
  • Which images, locations and ideas do you remember most about this video?


Another decade has passed, and Israel is represented in a different way.  The music, the story, and imagery represent a very different country from the video of the 1950's.

(From the collection of the Israel Ministry of Tourism Films)


  • Which aspects of Israel is this video promoting?  Why do you think the creators chose these key points?
  • Jerusalem, Galilee, Nazareth, Capernaum, Bethlehem, Church of the Nativity, and other religious sites comprise the first half of this film.  What does this tell us about who the target audience is for this video?  Why do you think the Ministry of Tourism chose this approach?


The music is whimsical, the narration is different, and the main characters are a family visiting Israel. The length is also much shorter, more like a commercial than a film. 

Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the State of Israel

  • Previous films provided lengthy content on various sites in Israel.  This video approaches tourism differently.  What main points about Israel is this film conveying?
  • Who is the target audience of this film?  How did you make this determination?


In this past decade, tourism videos were created to target specific audiences. Each video showcases a different aspect of Israel. What would your "tourism video" look like?

"There's a Little Bit of Israel in All of Us"

"Beyond Belief"

"Hello Israel" 


  • What is similar about all 3 videos?  What are the biggest differences?
  • What is collectively showcased in these 3 videos that is not present in the earlier decades?