18 Ways Israel is Changing the World

ISRAEL21c has created an exhibition showcasing DIY (Do It Yourself) innovations called, "18 Ways Israel is Changing the World." It acts as a virtual stage that can be utilized by people around the world to discuss Israeli ingenuity and be empowered to do it yourself in each of your communities. 

The exhibition, which has already sparked interest worldwide, is suitable for people of all ages... We’d love to hear your stories and see the photographs of your events using the 18 Ways Israel is Changing the World exhibit. - ISRAEL21c

How can this DIY exhibition be used in your settings to foster creativity and innovation?

Know No Boundaries

A traditional Lag Ba'Omer activity among many young kids is the construction of bows and arrows to mimic the ancient battles between the Jews and Romans during the time of Bar Kochbah Revolt in the first century. Instead of launching bows and arrows, this year the students could launch spacecrafts to the moon! SpaceIL is a fascinating and innovative initiative, spotlighting Israel's race against 15 other organizations around the world to be the first team to land a spacecraft on the moon. 


Dreaming Big

Israel has already received 12 Nobel Prizes – the largest number of recipients per capita of any country in the world. This prestigious award has been received by Israelis six times for Chemistry, three for Peace, two for Economics, and one for Literature. 

In 2005, Robert Aumann, an Israeli-American mathematician, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work in Game Theory (which, interestingly, shares a primary connection to Lag B'Omer – counting!). Last year, the iCenter had a meaningful conversation with Professor Aumann, which shed light on a number of educational themes and questions.

Take it Outside!

Lag B’omer signifies a time to celebrate and embrace nature. It is an outdoor holiday where you'll find celebrants spending the day picnicking with friends and burning sticks around around a bonfire in the evening. Sound familiar? Camp season is upon us, and camps are an amazing setting to infuse Israel, harvest innovation, and advance Jewish life!