Publication Covers






  • How do these make you feel?
  • What do you think about as you look at these images?
  • What story is each cover telling?


שוב בנסיעה" | עומר מרום" 

 "Traveling Again" | Omer Merom

,הדמעות זולגות על החלון 

 The tears spill out on the window,

.ובכל דימעה זיכרון 

 And in every tear is a memory.

.בכל דימעה – אבא 

 In every tear – Abba.

כמעט ותפסתי מספר דמעות

 I almost caught a few of the tears 

,ושמתי לי בכלי קטן 

and put them in a small container, 

.קרוב ללב 

 close to the heart.

 .כמעט והיה לי מעט – אבא 

 I almost had a little bit of – Abba.

  • What are you thinking about after reading these poems?
  • What are the authors expressing through their poems?
  • If you could write a poem to someone who lost someone, what would you say?

Special Occassions

Photo courtesy of Baltimore Jewish Click image for more.

One notable project of the IDFWO Organization is their group Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies. They organize a day of meaningful celebration for the youth who have lost a parent in the IDF, surrounded by friends, family, and public figures.

For many of the teens this day is the first major life cycle event since losing their parent and the experience can bring a complicated and difficult mix of emotions. This makes the support of the group an element that is even more powerful and impactful.

Shlomi Nahumson, the Director of Youth Programs for IDFWO, said, "We believe that at their Bar or Bat Mitzvah year, our children begin their journey to adulthood. Due to the circumstances, they're doing so without the presence of one of the two most important people in their lives; that is why we make sure to be there for and with them, at a large celebration with the President, Minister of Defense, Chief of Staff, and many others who gather together with them to strengthen them as they begin this uneasy journey."

  • In what ways is the IDFWO important for the children, the parents, the IDF, etc.?
  • What's a meaningful experience you've had, and what made it meaningful for you?
  • What role does community play in your life?
  • When do you feel supported? What does it mean to support someone?