Selected Resources

Balfour 100: An exceptional multimedia website marking the centenary of the Balfour Declaration. It offers a who's who of key actors, downloadable posters, and more.

Balfour Declaration (document)

State of Israel YouTube Video: This fast-paced and engaging two-minute whiteboard video puts the Balfour Declaration in the broader context of widespread sympathy for Jewish aspirations to statehood.

The Secret Drafts of the Balfour Declaration: A "behind-the-scenes" look from the National Library of Israel. This website traces multiple iterations of the letter sent by Lord Balfour to Lord Rothschild, and includes images of preliminary drafts.

Balfour Declaration Resource Pack: The National Library of Israel also offers a selection of articles, images, video, timelines, and activities designed to help you explore the Balfour Declaration.

Questions to Consider

How could a 67-word letter change the course of history?

  1. Why do you think it was so important that the British government supported the establishment of “a Jewish national home in Palestine”?
  2. What’s the difference between a "national home" and a state?
  3. Lord Balfour did not just wake up one day and decide to issue the Declaration. It was preceded by lengthy discussions and lobbying by leading Zionists. Why do you think the Zionists were so motivated to gain the support of the British government, specifically? Do you think the support of one government is more important than others?
  4. Describe a situation in which you’ve worked hard to get someone’s support for something that meant a lot to you. Who did you appeal to, and why did you choose that person?
  5. What does the Balfour Declaration mean to you today? What do you think it means to Israelis? Explain.


Think of other texts that are this short and have similar impact. In today’s reality, we’re talking about a series of three tweets!

Write a persuasive essay on any topic that is no more than 67 words in length.