iCoach is designed to provide mentorship and reflective space for professional and personal growth and renewal.

Participating educators learn and practice the principles of effective communication and approaches to building trust in teams with the techniques of active listening, asking open questions, and much more. 

What are Coaching Skills?

Coaching skills are drawn from the domains of organizational development, social work, psychology, experiential education and leadership development, amongst others. They include: active listening; effective use of self; techniques for effective communication; understanding of stages of adult development; group facilitation; mentoring; motivating others and more.

All of these skills can be of enormous help to Israel, and Jewish, educators, who work in complex social settings with many opportunities to create effective learning environments for themselves, their colleagues, supervisees and target groups.

As a Result of Participating in the iCoach Program, Participants Will:

  • Understand the differences between coaching, mentoring, therapy, consulting and other related fields.
  • Gain personal insights into their own strengths and challenges in relation to various coaching skills.
  • Have greater confidence in their ability to lead in the organizations in which they work, through a deeper understanding of their own personal commitments and values.
  • Learn to use the techniques of active listening and asking open questions.
  • Learn the principles of effective communication, including making requests and declarations.
  • Gain useful techniques for supervising others, including providing constructive feedback, having difficult conversations and motivating others.
  • Understand the principles of effective teamwork, and gain useful tools for analyzing and working with teams.
  • Develop new skills in facilitating groups and teams.

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