Illustration Week 2021 in Tel Aviv-Yafo

Each year the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design hosts Illustration Week, showcasing dozens of exhibitions by hundreds of Israeli illustrators, artists, and designers in museums, galleries, and public spaces throughout Tel Aviv-Yafo.

The exhibit Milim Tovot (מילים טובות), which means ‘Good Words,’ aims to inspire optimism and hope in these challenging days. The powerful images contained within call our attention to the endless possibilities we have as individuals and as a community for bringing light and strengthening our resilience during the most difficult times.

May these illustrations help inspire light and resilience this Chanukkah and beyond. Chag Sameach!


by Yossi Lamel

This poster depicts hope through the metaphor of a ladder leading from darkness to blue and sunny skies. Above the ladder sits a white dove, the symbol of peace, giving us a sense of “something to look forward to”.
  1. What could have been the inspiration for this illustration?

We Are the People We Were Waiting For - אנחנו האנשים להם חיכינו

by Ze'ev Engelmeier

This illustration was designed during the country-wide 2020 protests against Former Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government. The artist was inspired by the demonstrations and wanted to send out a message of unity and togetherness, along with a call to action. The vibrant and stylized text on the poster reads The posters became a prominent visual part of the protests and appeared in the public space on many occasions.
  1. In what ways can art serve as a call to action?

In This Terribly Hot Country, Words Should Serve As Shade - בארץ הלוהטת הזאת, מילים צריכות להיות צל

by Kobi Franco

This poster, quoting a poem by Yehuda Amichai, shows the immense power that words have to bring people together and further the cause of peace. The artist stylized the words to challenge the viewer to decipher each word carefully.
  1. How can words be used to influence people, intentionally and unintentionally?

Warm Words - מילים חמות

by Yulia Tur

This poster was created with the intention of giving the words ‘empathy’ and ‘compassion’ a feeling of warmth. It joins the letters as well as each word, to show how ‘warm’ words can bring people together.

  1. What words describe your connection to your friends, family, country, and the Jewish people?