Crash Test World: Israel

Crash Test World, a web series from Project Explorer, recently turned the camera on Israel. The four short videos in the series each view Israel through a different lens, including efforts at coexistence; inroads in science and technology; culinary marvels; and cool sports. Each video is accompanied by educational curriculum, resources and bonus content, developed in collaboration with The iCenter.



Crash Test World is more than just an adventure series for kids. The video series brings elementary- and middle-school children and their families across the globe to discover what it’s like to live in another culture. Kari Byron, former host of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters, dives into how a country’s history, location, and the people who live there, all come together to create a unique local culture.

The series is produced by ProjectExplorer, an educational not-for-profit that creates K-12 instruction tools that encourage global competency and cultural awareness. All materials are free.



Israel is a crossroads for ancient trade routes, global cultures, and several of the world’s major religions. It takes work and understanding for so many people from different backgrounds to coexist peacefully here – but individuals like Noam Revkin-Fenton are committed to the task. As a photojournalist, he captures and shares amazing images of cultural coexistence in the Old City, where sites sacred to Judaism, Islam and Christianity can be found.

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Moona Space for Change is as cool as it sounds – a place for students from different backgrounds to create together! The Moona Lab is open after school and on weekends for kids to connect, experiment, and build using the universal language of technology. Around 100 students come to Moona to solve engineering challenges. And, when a team works together to solve a challenge anything is possible.

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Many Israeli people connect on a deep level through the preparing and sharing of food. Some practice Shabbat, a 25-hour observance of the Jewish Sabbath (a day of rest) that begins just before sundown each Friday, and traditionally involves candle lighting, blessings, and festive meals.

While rituals and practices may differ, the act of coming together to share food and stories with family, friends, and even strangers, is common across all cultures, religions, and households. The language of food is universal!

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Surfing 4 Peace was created to bring Jewish, Muslim and Christian youths with a passion for surfing together.

This unique global community supports projects, events and campaigns based around surfing and beach culture that promote coexistence and cross-cultural dialogue in diverse communities in the Middle East and around the world.

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